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Almas Programming


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ALMAS News, Hosted by Rami Sadeq/Nateeq Saleem/Maha Al Aqedi
Al-Affendi, Hosted by Majid Aziza
Around The World, Hosted by Maysaloun Tabet
Black Ink, Hosted by Maysaloun Tabet
Bones & Joints, Hosted by Labeed Nouri, M.D.
From History, Hosted by Rami Sadeq
From & To Iraq, Hosted by Rami Sadeq
Guest & Issue, Hosted by William Salaita
Meet the Doctor, Hosted by Labeed Nouri, M.D.
Music Express
One Moment Please, Hosted by Rami Sadeq
Our Voice, Hosted by Rami Sadeq
Safa’s Hour, Hosted by Safa Al Dahan
Samira’s Kitchen, Hosted by Samira Chologh
Signed By, Hosted by Rami Sadeq
Street Beat, Hosted by Maysaloun Tabet
Strings, Hosted by Safa Al Dahan
The Law & You, Hosted by Eman Jajonie-Daman
Week In Review, Hosted by Maha Al Aqedi
Your Neighborhood, Hosted by Tamara Quleta


Arabic Movies
Arabic Soap Operas
Children’s Movies & Cartoons
Hidden Camera
How Its Made
International Concert Series
Music Clips – World Beat
Short Movies
Nooket Al Shawarah – Street Jokes
Theatre & Drama Productions

Coming Soon to ALMAS TV

Re-Connect, Hosted by Haneen Ilias
Emily’s Kids Club, Hosted by Emily Rogers
Key-Fak Intee, Hosted by Sarah
Sarah’s Gathering, Hosted by Sarah

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