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Host Bios

Rami Sadeq

rsadeqA graduate of Baghdad University –  School of Media, Rami began his broadcasting career in FM radio in Northern Iraq. As a journalist, Rami was also a frequent contributor to multiple newspapers and magazines. Rami moved with his family to the United States in 2008, where he immediately resumed his broadcasting career on radio, as well as transitioning into television. As a well respected and revered journalist in the Arab-American & Chaldean community, Rami has risen to the top of his game. In May 2013, Rami became a founding member of ALMAS TV & Radio, where he currently hosts several Community & Public Affair shows, including ALMAS NEWS and other programs.  Rami also serves as the Program Director for ALMAS TV as well as producing several shows and programs for the network.

Rami hosts the following shows/programs on ALMAS TV:

  • ALMAS News
  • From History
  • One Moment Please
  • Our Voice
  • Signed By

Maysaloun Tabet

MaysaloonMaysaloun Tabet joined ALMAS TV in 2013, shortly after moving to the United States from Beirut, Lebanon. As a graduate in International Relations and Political Science Maysaloun has focused her broadcasting career in the International and Political arena. Upon graduation from the Lebanese University in Beirut, Lebanon she began her career on radio, at the Voice of Beirut (Saut Beirut) FM station. Aside from hosting her own show, Maysaloun also assisted as the Advertising Coordinator at the station. Today she can be seen hosting several shows on ALMAS TV that demonstrate her dynamic and diverse background and professional training. Her professionalism and passion has catapulted her to the top of her game as a leading source in Current Events and International Affairs.

Maysaloun hosts the following shows/programs on ALMAS TV:

  • Around The World
  • Black Ink
  • Street Beat

Maha Al-Aqedi

Maha-Al-Aqedi-no-tagMaha Al-Aqedi brings a very seasoned background to ALMAS TV News through her diverse and professional experience as a news anchor throughout the Middle East. Maha began here career in broadcasting in Baghdad, Iraq as the news coordinator and correspondent for the Abu Dhabi Satellite Channel. In 2004, Maha moved to the Al- Sharqiya Satellite Channel in Media City, Dubai where she began to present the news as well as covering live breaking news. By 2005 she moved to the Al Baghdadia Satellite Channel in Cairo, Egypy where she served as lead news anchor, and presented a weekly political show. In 2008, Maha returned to Al-Sharqiya and the Al-Sharqiya News Satellite Channel in Amman, Jordan as a presenter and correspondent. Maha holds a degree from Baghdad University, Iraq in Audio & Visual Arts – TV Directing.

Maha hosts the following shows/programs on ALMAS TV:

  • ALMAS News
  • From & To Iraq
  • Week In Review

William Salaita

WilliamSalaitaNoTagWilliam Salaita is a seasoned veteran in Arabic television and radio broadcasting. Prior to his arrival to the United States for the pursuit of his studies in 1979, William was a very active writer and journalist in Amman, Jordan. William earned both his B.A. in Political Science and his Masters Degree in Social Work from Eastern Michigan University in Ypsilanti, Michigan and began his career with the Arab-American and Chaldean Council (ACC) as the Director of Immigration Services, while remaining active in media services through a multitude of Arab-American media outlets in Michigan and around the world. William began his broadcasting career in 1987 with TV Orient (MBN), where he produced a weekly Human Interest show “Success Story.” From 1991-1996 he served as the Arabic News anchor for Channel 62 Detroit. He also served as a correspondent with the Washington D.C. based Voice of America radio services. William has also worked with the Arab News Network (ANA), as well as being a regular contributor for the popular Jordanian electronic news outlet Amman News. Since 1995 to the present, William has hosted and produced one of the Arab and Chaldean communities’ most popular radio shows “Bridge of Knowledge” which is aired every Tuesday (3:00 – 5:00 pm) on WNZK 690 AM.

Wiliam hosts the following shows/programs on ALMAS TV:

  • Guest & Issue
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